Anticipating The Genius 4!

It's June 25th today. 2 days more for The Genius 4 to be aired! Really I can't wait!
I have been watching The Genius since the first season. Really it is super fun! Hong Jinho was amazing. I really like that show since my friend first showed it to me. But I stopped watching on the season 2. It is just a downfall, really, compared to the first season.

When the third season was out, I was not really excited since I was expecting it to be like the season 2. But! It turned out that the third season was extremely fun! Jang Dongmin was really a happy virus. I really had great time watching.

Now that the season 3 ended, the season 4 was prepared.

Waaaaaaaaa /screams fangirl mode/

The line-ups are incredibly amazing! It is a real war between the genius people.
Now, let's see the posters!

This is quite intimidating for me :D

1. Choi Jungmoon vs Oh Hyunmin: Youth

2. Lee Junseok vs Yoohyun: Potential
(It’s a pity Junseok’s skill wasn’t discovered since he was being eliminated in the very first episode)

3. Kim Kyungran vs Lim Yoonsun: Scary Noonas
(this is funny)

4. Choi Yeonseung vs Yoo Junghyun: Mentality

5. Lim Yohwan vs Kim Kyunghoon: Unpredictability

And lastly, the winners
6. Hong Jinho vs Lee Sangmin vs Jang Dongmin: King of Kings

I can't predict who will win since it is a real war. I just Hyunmin and Yoohyun will do wel.. ^^
Please come soon 27th...


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